TWOFORTY is pleased to host BACON FRIDAY, an evening of performance curated by Guadalupe Maravilla



BACON FRIDAY is a performance series and homage to the most unique performer that I’ve ever met. I once had the opportunity to work with a man named Marshall, he ate bacon all day, once a week, every week for over 50 years. It was his ritual. He had the likeness of a vampire (which he loved) and was ridiculed most of his life because of it. Coincidentally, Marshall died of a heart attack during the NYC East Village Halloween Parade wearing a Dracula costume on his bacon eating day. He was a true performer and this performance series is a celebration of those who are marginalized and often unknown.

– Guadalupe Maravilla

Petra Szilagyi

Sandy Williams

Umico Niwa

Nima Jeizan

Max Runko

Park Hyun Gi

Egbert Vongmalaithong