Andrew Gayle.png

Andrew Gayle

Uneven Stones

September 22 - October 31, 2017

Andrew Gayle

Jason Kachadourian

Jess Willa Wheaton


Uneven Stones features ceramics by Andrew Gayle, sculptures by Jason Kachadourian, and paintings by Jess Willa Wheaton. The three artists are brought together through their investigations into embodied memories, mining from their own archives of images, gestures and sensations. The works in the exhibition are manifestations of these visual and sensorial registers culled forth in clay, wood, and oils. This is the inaugural show at TWOFORTY.

“...the sensation which I had once experienced as I stood upon two unevenstones in the baptistery of St Mark’s had, recurring a moment ago, restored to me complete with all the other sensations linked on that day to that particular sensation, all of which had been waiting in their place, from which with imperious suddenness a chance happening had caused them to emerge, in the series of forgotten days.” 

- Marcel Proust, Time Regained